Manufactured Equipment: 

ACURITE PIPELINE TESTER  - the answer to convenience and economy in precision line testing equipment.

Stage II Vapor Recovery Tester equipped to perform ALL C.A.R.B. and TCEQ tests on all Stage II Systems manufactured to date.

Leak Detector Tester that precision-tests all mechanical and electrical leak detection systems to 1.0-10.0 gph at 0.50 gph increments corrected to 10 psi.

Pressure/Vacuum Valve Test Panel equipped to be used in hazardous areas which creates the required flows and positive/negative pressures using Nitrogen.  Meets all the requirements of C.A.R.B. test procedure TP-201.1E.


Site Services: 

 Stage II Vapor Recovery Testing

  (A.) Full Compliance Test for any and all Systems approved for use in Texas.

  (B.) Annual Pressure Decay and Nozzle Test for any and all Systems approved for use in Texas.

Diagnostic Underground Storage Tank Testing with the ONLY System approved by the U.S. E.P.A. as well as independent laboratories.

Underground Product Delivery Line Testing using the constant pressure Acurite™ Line Tester.

Precision and Functional Testing of In Line Leak Detectors.


Training Services: 

The only Training and Certification course to TCEQ Requirements for Testers of Stage II Systems available.

Facility Representative Training as required by 30 TAC Chapter 115

Sales, Maintenance and the required Manufacturers Operator Training and Certification of the Acurite™ Line Tester and the Leak Computer® Tank Test System.



We manufacture Test Equipment for the Compliance and Diagnostic Testing Industry, provide training, and perform all required Tests for the Southeast Texas Petroleum Retailer.

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